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Tony Transfer
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Sand-blasting decals
Glass products like votive holder, lamp shades and bases, and glass decor items are common users of our sand-blasting decals. While light sand-blasting is usually used, deep sand-blasting which requires a thicker glass material creates a uniquely appealing 3D-effect on the final product.

Waterslide decals
Products which cannot be exposed to high temperature welcome this type of decal.

Peel-off decals
Peel-off decals share the similar characteristics with waterslide decals. It is mainly used on decals with sparkling surfaces.

 Decal Type Applications
 Light Sand-blasting Glass, ceramic (flat surface).
 Deep Sand-blasting Glass, ceramic, wood, bamboo, stone, 3D-effect.
 Waterslide Glass, ceramic, poly, wood, musical instrument (cover coat is visible).
 Peel-off Glass, ceramic, poly, wood, musical instrument (no cover coat, visual effect is excellent, look like direct printing).

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