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Our ceramic decals are used solely on on glaze ceramic and porcelain products only. They have a firing range of 780C - 815C (1436F - 1499F).

To assure high quality decals, we import our papers, colors and cover coat from Germany, UK, Japan, and Korea. We also use high quality mesh from Japan and Switzerland to produce the screen.

5 simple steps of applying decals onto your ceramicware

  1. Soak the decal paper in a clean water bath to release the decals.
  2. Carefully apply each decal onto the ceramicware.
  3. With a squeegee, remove any air pockets or water under the decal .
  4. The ceramicware should be left to dry before firing begins in the kiln.
  5. Fire the ceramicware in the kiln at the appropriate temperature.
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