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Tony Transfer
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Tony Transfer - guangzhou, china


The year was 1975. Aspiring Taiwanese artist, our CEO - Mr Tony Chen, started Tung Yi Pre-Printing Workshop in Hsinchu City, Taiwan. Prior to Tung Yi, Tony had 9 years of experience in color printing, design, planning and pre-printing works.

Eight years later, Tony Transfer was born to provide Tung Yis customer with a wide variety of decal printing services. Tony Transfer began manufacturing burning and non-burning decals for glass, ceramic, enamel, wood, poly, plastic and metal surfaces. In 1995, Tony Transfer expanded into Dongguang, China. The factory later moved to Guangzhou to become the current Guangzhou Tony Transfer Printing Co., Ltd.

Phylum International has recently been incorporated in Austin, Texas to be the principal agent of Tony Transfer in North/Central American region in order to serve the increasing number of customers in this region.

With the on-going new product development and re-engineering of our manufacturing process. Tony Transfer hopes to increase the number of new manufacturing plants in other cities of China, and at the same time, establish its presence in overseas market.

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